Sebastian Stan on Captain America: The Winter Soldier behind the scenes.


Marvel Cinematic Universe (minus the Incredible Hulk)

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Nobody said it was easy
It’s such a shame for us to part
Nobody said it was easy
No one ever said it would be this hard
Oh, take me back to the start.

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Me: Do a really mean Bucky-as-Winter-Soldier face.

Sebastian: Noooo…. ‘Cause you’re gonna post it, aren’t you? — Okay, I will. Hold on. Ready?



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ahaha yeah my feelings for that character have totally calmed down [sees picture of them] ahaha never mind. aha. ha. i lied. i fucking lied. i lied so much ahahaha i’m a fucking liar i have no control in my life ahaha help me

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*does 2 math problems* time for a well deserved 3 hour nap

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yes; me;